Why it takes time for a super app like KP to be deployed from a Dev testing perspective?

7 min readSep 22, 2022
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Technology — a viral bug

In this post we look at the barriers to app development, the stack process that includes what users see on the website, the back end which touches on the logic and the infrastructure, why quality apps within a co-owned Organic eco Company take time to build and deploy and a dev teams best friend the never-ending viral bug.

A software bug refers to shortcomings in a software system that act or behave in unexpected and undesirable ways. Causing irrational or incorrect responses, unpredictable failures, or system crashes.

It is a programming error leading to the malfunction of the software, which has been detected before the website or app is deployed to production and after deployment.

Bugs affect the algorithm or emerge due to uninitialized variables and it is for this reason that Frega has its own Dev testing team.

Every Tech company has bugs, they are the viral bane of their existence and as normal as breathing in the world of technology.

Understanding the components involved & the barriers

The Dev testing teams job is to ensure that before any app is deployed they apply their collective years of App experience and Jira testing processes to ensure that a Frega app is going to provide the best user experience for the Frega Eco Community.


This involves testing a large variety of devices OS (operating system) as possible like pc, desktops, tablets, and phones. At this stage, we do not test watches or other smart devices like your fridge or vacuum

An operating system (OS) is software that controls the operation of a device and directs the processing of programs as it should. On mobile devices, the OS is uploaded.

An operating system is a program loaded into your device by a boot program and manages all of the other application programs in a computer. The application programs make use of the operating system by making requests for services through a defined application program interface (API).

If an operating system is experiencing issues they will normally put out an update or fix, otherwise, you need to send an error ticket, that you have an issue happening with your device, then await a response.

This is a time-consuming barrier when testing a new app that often needs to be addressed. Often, what worked one day, may not the next day. So it’s back to retesting for Programmers, Tech Support & Dev Testers.


A web browser takes you anywhere on the internet. It retrieves information from other parts of the web and displays it on your desktop or mobile device.

The information is transferred using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), which defines how text, images and video are transmitted on the web. computer program with a graphical user interface for displaying and navigating between web pages.

Here are regular browser issues that member can fix:

  1. Slow performance and page loads
  2. URL suggestions you don’t want
  3. Pages don’t appear as expected
  4. Autofill isn’t working properly
  5. Repeated random browser crashes
  6. Too many pop-up windows
  7. Pages don’t work as intended
  8. Broken images and video
  9. The homepage keeps changing

The advantage of cross-browser testing is that it is the best way to make an app as bug-free as possible across multiple browsers and devices.

The dev testers use real devices and browsers and do not use virtual machine testing where the downside is that it is ineffective in matching the efficacy of native device features.

When an issue cannot be fixed by the user then the Frega programmers have to investigate another time-consuming process

Aitech Knowlegeplus page showing a network inspect


Yes our network plan which is managed by our Internet Service Provider can also affect our user experience with what we are seeing on the internet and some well know network problems:

  1. High Bandwidth Usage
  2. High CPU Usage on your own device
  3. Physical Connectivity Issues
  4. Malfunctioning Devices or Equipment
  5. DNS Issues
  6. Interference in the Wireless Network

Any of these issues arising require that the person approach their internet provider first . ISP do not tell you when their system is down which requires a phone call

If an issue has occurred and the dev testers or tech support are not getting the same outcome. Then, this requires a programmer, further slowing down app development. It is for this reason we do prioritise error tickets.

Full Stack

The Dev testing process is simplified to test components of an app and then report findings to the Tech support team Anita and Simon to see if they are also replicating the error. Then both results are forwarded to the Programmers, who then fix and send them back for a re-test

Understanding the significant role that the Programmers and all teams play is simplified by this full-stack diagram, although this name is controversial to programmers and many believe it is a technique to lump this massive skillset together and pay developers a lower rate.

This diagram is a fuller stack and is an example only.

Technical full stack development
Full Stack

Any functional Frega app does requires a full stack approach. Example how many people know everything that they can about their vehicle, what parts it has, how it runs, its next checkup. Very few except for those few people whom are car professionals or have taught themselves the basics to take good care of their car and give it regular maintenance.

This principle applies to whatever device one uses to access the internet

When a car is modified which is what we are doing with our Frega Hub & Frega Money, we are integrating KnowledgePlus using the Algolia’s Application Programming Interface.

To implement an API platform that can increase business service speed and productivity, the solution’s process and elements were considered by the Frega CEO and the Programmers.

Attempting to integrate applications with contrasting infrastructures and protocols, requires additional time which is always guesswork and expected when adapting components.

Backend is where scripting programming language or coding is developed can be seen in the small snippet of an example below of the numerous scripts that the Programmers have put together.

Knowledgeplus showing a dev script

Database is the primary collection of data and can double up as an efficient channel to work with the data by performing various operations such as the insertion, deletion, and modification of data and the retrieval of the updated data and this requires time when an apps is integrated.

Dev Ops is where I would place the Dev testers as connected to Tech Support who I would consider as the operation team.

Front end is responsible for the visual look and feel of the website and where we can inspect our browser setting to see how our network is functioning.

How Many Programmers/Developers?

programmers sitting around a table
Dev Team Space

To summarize this article provides a good insight into what expertise is required technically. The Frega programmers/developers’ total is below 6 which is amazing in all that they have accomplished for the Frega Ecosystem.

This article is focused on a mobile app and the Frega programmers/developers work with the full stack that identifies with many devices and browsers.

Good quality Apps take time

Bugs often occur as a result of a myriad of components which is not limited to just a Frega fault . However, if it is identified as a Frega app error then as long as the device, browser and a screenshot of what is happening is included and sent to Contact Support, the issue can be fixed.

icon showing where the contact support is in the aitech fregahub
aitech fregahub

One more final note about the Super App Knowledgeplus. It is not just a Q&A information platform, it is also gradually being updated to be a Browser and a data storage system.

Separately, these 3 components are huge requiring hundreds if not thousands of programming scripts. If anyone is expecting a super app done quickly below par that is beyond the Dev testers, Tech Support, Programming teams & Paddy’s high standards, this is not how we work.

When KP is finally deployed it will be in a Beta form which means it can then be tested by the members and will receive ongoing updates like the editor and character or word limitation, notifications, etc.

Frega is nearly there with Knowledgeplus and although it may appear as a very simple app what is under the hood is going to be phenomenal.