9 unique reasons why members are invested in Frega

3 min readJul 30, 2022

What Makes Frega Unique?

Frega stands for Frega Global Abundance, and is a Software as a Service company, that does not have Millions of Dollars to burn, or even the market share yet!

What Frega does have, is a unique business model that amplifies members invested interest, and here is 9 reasons Why!


Why Members Are Invested?

1. It redistributes the monetisation of our data and internet back to the people.

And With, $3, 000,000,000,000 worth of digital data, circulating around the web, this is BIG BIG MONEY

2. Frega professionals from 5 continents work with clients and businesses to help them manage their communications and data.

By, using Frega tools, that process tens of thousands of transactions and splits in 115 currencies, 24/7.

3. Frega’s deployment of 29 applications and FregaRooms, a Unified communications platform and our first ever integration with a major Tech company, Zoom is a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions that financially rewards its members

How this is possible is that the Frega Community has developed a sophisticated mathematical algorithm that is fair and equitable.

Sharing its Enterprise Value currently valued at £65 million, with all its users

4. The Frega Growth points rewards system, is one of a kind. It is fixed in number and exactly 6,000 exchange hands every month


  • receive a growing, daily dividend from a pool of money.
  • That’s a precise percentage of the increased revenue generated throughout the Frega eco-system as more people use its services
  • An accumulating cash dividend underpins the value.
  • Reward points multiply in worth, the longer they are held

And, finally a company can white label this growth point system when rewarding its own customers.

5. A common registration API, gives digital, physical businesses, customers and individuals the opportunity to benefit financially at every turn.

6. Every new registration is rewarded with £10 of enterprise value as an initial ‘thank you’, then receives a daily steady growing stream of micro payments globally.

7. As a non-traditional company, Frega is able to keep its expenses minimal and overheads fixed which helps when scaling!

Integration with Zoom, Algolia, Stripe, PFC

We have been fortunate to integrate with some wonderful Technology giants that allowed us to integrate a service and to share our eco system globally.

8. Our recent scale up, includes Eight companies, that run on the Frega platform

Established in its own multi-billion-dollar market sector, to produce for members a share, in the revenue that it generates…

  • FREGA MONEY, our full financial and banking services suite, that includes our integration with PFS Cards to white label our Mastercard. Another development,
  • CLOUD BOOKS, another development is an automated accounting service designed to seamlessly connect with our accounts. A FREE service integrated worldwide; with any fees for more advanced features, offset with growing rewards
  • RIGHT TRADE, a trading platform where all the automated trading of Frega points takes place, and awaiting Financial Conduct Authority approval to open up over-the-counter-trading
  • KNOWLEDGE PLUS, a Question and Answer, foundation type browser and cloud based data storage system. Information is instantly searchable , through our integration with the powerful Algolia search algorithm
  • BESORTED, our communications for businesses, projects, and events and currently, in development, a ticketing functionality
  • And, our other 3 companies, GROWTH POINTS, SKILLS MATCH PLUS & GROUP VENTURE

9. Every shareholder in Frega Limited, including those taking up shares in this limited offering, will receive a pro-rata pari passu shareholding, in each business company as they incorporate.


To Register or Find Out More

Click the link to find out how to register, co-own and co-operate in your own tech company.

The Frega Investment page is now live!

Our aim to spread ownership of Frega shares FAR and WIDE. We want as many people as possible to benefit from our success and we can’t do that without you. Thank you.

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